salad with grilled vegetables, whipped cheese and tomatoes

sous vide seasonal root vegetables, whipped cheese with dried tomatoes, sweet tomatoes, mix of salads, brussels sprouts, herb emulsion, fresh cheese from Krasolesí dairy, pumpkin seeds, bread croutons, herbs

• we recommend to add: king oyster mushroom, fried egg, baked bacon

1, 3, 7, 8, 11

SCrambled eggs with fresh cheese

three creamy scrambled eggs from Dvořák farm, fresh cheese from Krasolesí dairy, leaf salad with miso vinaigrette dressing,
sourdough bread from Kin&K Bakery

• we can make this dish gluten-free with sunflower bread from Dvornik Bakery
• we recommend to add: king oyster mushroom, extra egg, cabbage slaw, baked bacon

1, 3, 6, 7, 11

cinnamon pancakes /gluten-free/

three cinnamon gluten-free buttermilk pancakes, whipped curd from Krasolesí, plum jam with amaretto, poppy seed crumbs, nuts

3, 7, 8

fermented oatmeal with pumpkin

fermented oatmeal, pumpkin puree with chai spice, pickled pumpkin, mixed nuts

5, 7, 8

toasted ham&cheese sandwich

Prague ham, Blatácké zlato cheese, fresh cheese from Krasolesí, basil pesto, our ketchup, sourdough bread from Kin&K Bakery

• we recommend to add: baked bacon, fried egg, cabbage slaw, king oyster mushroom

1, 7, 11

pork belly bun

marinated pork meat, sriracha mayonnaise, Thai salad with coriander bun from Kin&K Bakery

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 11, 14

Every weekday soup according to the current offer

which you can get with sourdough bread

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Než menu oblečeme do podzimního kabátu, dejte si u nás tenhle osvěžující ibiškový ledový čaj. Kromě toho, že skvěle chutná, je plný vitamínu C, antioxidantů a minerálů 🧡 Můžete si ho dát neslazený…

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🧑‍🍳 Hledáme kuchaře / kuchařku na plný nebo částečný úvazek! 🧑‍🍳 🧑‍🍳 Nemusíš být vyučený kuchař, ale zkušenosti a orientace v kuchyni jsou pro nás vzhledem k náročnosti provozu nezbytné. Čekají tě…

order whole cakes, pies and other stuff on our e-shop.

Selected cakes and pies can be made in a gluten-free version for an additional 80 CZK.

All cakes have a diameter of 24 cm. Orders at least 48 hours before collection.

We carefully select all goods from the best suppliers:

Candy Cane Coffee

Candy Cane, coffee as sweet as candy. The Prague roastery of specialty coffee was founded by baristas, coffee enthusiasts and, above all, friends. You can taste their coffee both as an espresso and as a filter.

Fathers coffee

father's specialty coffee roaster, a small family business from Ostrava and one dream come true. Dad roasts honestly, mom passionately tastes and the growing children watch everything enthusiastically. You can most often find this coffee on a filter, but espresso is also not excluded. We also have beans to take home!

Eggs from Mr Dvorak from Zlatníky

These eggs are from free range hens which are raised by Mr Dvorak so the hens are never stressed from being transported. The hens have freedom of movement and are fed with a special homemade mix, without chemical additives and with freshly cut grass and hay. The egg yolks are dark thanks to natural paprika extract which is full of antioxidants and has a positive effect on the health of the hens, and of course you too. The farm has a small, limited production which helps to achieve the highest standards and an individual relationship with the animals. Your breakfast eggs are never older then 7 days.

Sourdough seed bread from Kin&K Bakery

A bakery operates with respect for tradition and history. With its procedures, it returns to the traditional craft of baking. They use only quality ingredients and wholemeal flour ground on a stone mill. Thanks to persistent and daily yeast care, high hydration and long fermentation, their bread is more digestible and stays fresh longer.

Wine from Veltlin

VELTLIN is a wine bar in the heart of Karlín, where you can taste natural, authentic wines. They know the winemakers personally and through their wines, cultivated with respect to nature, travel through the regions of the former Habsburg Monarchy. We will take you with us

Oat milk od Minor Figures

The oat milk from Minor Figures was specially designed for use in coffee beverages. The consistency and taste of Oat milk do not overlap with the delicate properties of coffee. Instead, it addresses the exciting, unique flavors of coffee and allows them to develop fully. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, without added sugar, stabilizers or preservatives.

Syrups herbert

Herbert Sirupy is a company that was created out of love for traditional craftsmanship, nature and is influenced by the modern bar and culinary scene. their know-how and method of processing fresh fruit and herbs is based on the old practices of our ancestors. The essence of their syrups is maceration, i.e. cold maceration. In this way, they are able to preserve their maximum nutritional value and authentic taste. Depending on the type of syrup, maceration takes from a few days to a few weeks. Herbert Syrups are produced as a pure, natural product without the addition of artificial essences, sweeteners or additives.



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